Rachel and Aleks
by Sylvia Smoller      
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Understanding Life and Love during the Horrors of War

New novel tells the story of a couple caught in the momentous upheavals of World War II


NEW YORK (Oct. 22, 2007) Holding love in the balance is hard enough. What happens to the most profound relationships when historical events shatter the world and your place in it?  


Rachel and Aleks, a new novel by Dr. Sylvia Smoller, explores just that. This sweeping, well-researched and historically-accurate novel tells the story of a couple caught in the momentous upheavals of World War II, their destinies driven by the force of their characters and the courage of a Japanese diplomat.


Set in the period from 1918 to 1945, Rachel and Aleks juxtaposes the impact of historical and political events on individual lives with the conflicts arising from friendship, family ties and love:  


            "Sometimes it seemed to Rachel it was all chance: escaping, getting caught, life, death, everything hinging on some small, insignificant incident that leads to one path instead of another, each path equally likely, embarked on because of some random event, a word, a glance. At other times Rachel was convinced that she herself was indeed the instrument of fate. After all, it was she who had chosen that particular chauffeur. That chauffeur who had said to Aleks, "But your wife... You must take your wife."


Smoller leads you through the plight of Rachel and Aleks as they flee Poland through Europe, Japan and eventually arrive in America. Her beautifully written story is different from most stories of the Holocaust period as it tells of the Jewish experience of escape through an uncommon path, and of the courageous act of a Japanese diplomat during the war.


Is it chance or character that plays a dominant role in shaping people's lives? Smoller lets you decide as you follow Rachel and Aleks through their story. It'll make you think and question everything you thought you knew about love, life and relationships. 


About the Author
Dr. Sylvia Smoller is Professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and holds the Manealoff-Rosen Chair. She is the author of over a 150 scientific papers and a book on research methods. She is a leader of several national studies on women's health, Hispanic health and heart disease. The daughter of Holocaust survivors who were saved by Japanese Consul Sugihara, Dr. Smoller has done extensive historical research on the subject. She lives in Manhattan.


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