How much of our lives are determined by coincidences, how much by the choices we make? And how do those choices reverberate through time to affect those we love? Chance and Consequenceis a sweeping, historically accurate novel that tells the story of people caught in the momentous upheavals of World War II, their destinies driven by chance, by the force of their characters and by the courage of a Japanese diplomat.

Set in the period from 1918 to 1945, the story explores the impact of historical and political events on individual lives, on friendship, family ties and love. Against the backdrop of Poland, London, Moscow, Japan and America, the three central characters, Rachel, consumed by opposing desires to be independent and be taken care of, Aleks, her intellectual husband, fallen from status, and Roman, her powerful lover, struggle in their own ways with war, escape, survival, displacement, to find balance in love and decency.

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