"The minute I finished reading the very last poem in this beautifully written and powerfully illustrated book of poems, I flipped right back to the beginning for a fresh read of everything I might have missed. There are so many grains of insight in every line. This collection of poems left me with so much to think about, regarding aging, loss, grief and renewal. There were pieces that left me feeling gutted and pieces that left me feeling inspired and optimistic. For poetry lovers who like a thoughtful deep dive into what drives us all ... I’d put The Human Connection on your “must read” list. So glad I ordered this !"

"This small beautifully-produced book of poems is about a very big subject – how to come to terms with the human condition, how can we accept, on a large scale, famine violence hunger and poverty, and on a more intimate scale, aging and pain? 

Question: Why should anyone want to read this book?

Answer: [1] Because, in a lucid and relaxed manner, the text tells us as it is, and despite describing almost inevitable tragedy, fortifies us with hope, and with the virtues of love.

And [2] because the water-colours by the distinguished artist Michael Hafftka reproduced are sharp and stimulating, often witty, and worth the purchase price in themselves."